All packages listed below can be customized to best fit your needs, rates will change accordingly.
Jaren Kerr Media is committed to providing professional and accessible production services for local artists and businesses so ask about our sliding scale pricing if you are facing financial barriers.
Video Production Services
We offer a wide spectrum of video production services, ranging from crafting engaging Social Media content to producing impactful Brand Films and Commercials. While we follow a general procedure, every project is uniquely tailored to fulfill your brand's goals and needs. We will collaborate to establish a clear vision of success and develop a clear roadmap to get there. With us, you can anticipate a stress-free, transparent, and professional experience that ensures your brand's story is brought to life in a way that resonates with your audience and achieves your goals.
Brand Films - from $2,500
Our brand overview package is meant to highlight your business and show the world how amazing your brand is. Let’s connect and talk about your brand goals and how we can make them happen for you. Once we have all of the information we need, we will prepare a customized package just for you.
Social Media Content Creation and Management
Our Social Media Content Creation and Management packages are here to make your job easier and take your online presence to the next level. These packages are a holistic approach to producing and distributing short-form content across all of your brands social channels on a monthly basis. We have multiple packages to ensure we best address your needs and align with your budget. Each package includes at least one production meeting per month where we can go over your goals, brainstorm ideas, and plan out each production day. As an added complimentary service, we provide copy, posting suggestions, and tailored hashtags for every video we produce. Our goal is to enhance your online presence while lightening your load through efficient and impactful content creation and management.
Basic - $950
One production meeting per month where we discuss your goals for the month, brainstorm ideas, and develop a plan for the shoot day. One three hour production day where we film four 15-second videos.
Classic - $1,650
Two production meetings per month where we discuss your goals for the month, brainstorm ideas, develop a plan for each shoot day, and look into how well past content is performing. Two 4 hour long production days dedicated to filming seven 15-second videos.
Professional - $2,500
Two production meetings per month where we discuss your goals for the month, brainstorm ideas, develop a plan for each shoot day, and look into how well past content is performing. Three 4 hour long production days dedicated to filming twelve 15-second videos.
Theatrical Production Marketing
Our Theatrical Production Marketing packages offer a range of options at different price points, catering to your unique needs. Whether you require one-time projects or ongoing monthly services, we can provide exceptional photography and video production that shines a spotlight on your show. Offering your audience an immersive glimpse into your creative process and the world you've built on stage, we'll craft compelling images that authentically capture the essence of your production. Our services encompass staged archival photo shoots as well as comprehensive social media campaigns, all geared towards boosting brand awareness and filling seats in your audience. Let us help you showcase your theatrical production with creativity and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and potential patrons.
Theatrical Production Photos - $500
Up to 2-hours of coverage geared towards producing top-notch archival or promotional materials for your show. Your vision is our priority. We are committed to capturing the essential moments of your show while highlighting the artistic efforts and hard work put in by your team.
Basic Short-Form Content Creation - $700
One half-day of filming interviews with your cast and crew and creating  general promotional materials. This single day of production will result in five engaging 15-second videos that give your audience a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes and get them excited to see your show.
Classic Short-Form Content Creation - $1,250
Two half-days of filming interviews with your cast and crew, general promotional materials, and coverage of the atmosphere on a performance night. These two days of production will result in eight 15-second videos that allow your audience to connect with your cast and crew, and two 30-second videos that dive deeper into the production process of your show and highlight the experience of a night out at the theatre. 
Professional Short-Form Content Marketing Suite - $2,250
Three half day shoots including the filming of one rehearsal, a fully teched run-through, brief interviews with your talented cast and crew, and genuine audience testimonials. The result is a collection of engaging content to be used for weeks across all of your social channels. This includes three 15-second creative promotional videos, a dynamic 30-second overview that takes your audience into the rehearsal room, 10 engaging interview pieces that provide unique perspectives from your cast and crew, and a captivating 30-second highlight reel capturing the energy and excitement of the theatre on a performance night. This package not only showcases the artistic process but also connects your production with a wider audience, making an impact that resonates far beyond the stage.
Live Event Coverage
At Jaren Kerr Media, we believe in the power of storytelling and strive to create captivating content that reflects the genuine emotions and essence of every event we cover. Whether it's a company outing, corporate event, birthday celebration, or any special occasion, we are committed to producing high-quality and authentic visual narratives that you can cherish for a lifetime.
Integrity and commitment to the truth lie at the heart of our services. We avoid over- manipulation and exaggeration, providing honest representations of events as they unfold. We understand the significance of every event, and our approach is always unobtrusive, ensuring we capture those candid moments that truly define the experience.
Every client deserves an exceptional experience tailored to their individual preferences and needs. We know that no two clients are alike, and each event has its own set of unique requirements. Whether it's a specific shot you have in mind, a particular style you love, or a timeline to follow, we are committed to accommodating these details to ensure that your event's memories are preserved in the most meaningful and authentic way possible.
Event Photography - from $500
Starting at 2-hours of comprehensive coverage, we capture all the significant moments of your event. Embracing a documentarian approach, we strive to deliver authentic and compelling images that truly tell the story of your special occasion. With a keen eye for genuine emotions and a focus on candid moments, we will do our best to  preserve the essence and uniqueness of your event, providing you with a cherished collection of memories that will last a lifetime.
Archival Filming - from $500
Designed with archival purposes in mind, this package is ideal for capturing the performances, presentations, conferences,  or other events you’d like recorded straight through. With up to 2-hours of filming included, we ensure that your event is expertly documented, allowing you to relive and share those important moments for years to come. Trust us to capture your event with clarity and professionalism.
Event Highlight Film - from $1,500
With up to 3-hours of filming, every crucial aspect of your event is beautifully captured and transformed into a captivating highlight reel that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Producing high-quality footage that reflects the true spirit of your occasion, we capture compelling b-roll and  interviews without missing the small details that make your event yours. Trust us to craft a beautiful and effective film that reflects the true spirit of your event.
Headshot Photography
At Jaren Kerr Media, we are committed to providing convenient and professional headshot photography services, bringing our expertise directly to you. All of our headshot packages include a pre-shoot consultation, where we take the time to understand your specific needs, providing a personalized experience that allows you to feel your absolute best in front of the camera. Following the photo session, we will provide you with a proof gallery to review and handpick your final images. From there, we perform basic adjustments and professional skin retouching to enhance the overall quality of the images. We won't change any details you don't want us to, ensuring that the final headshots truly represent your authentic self. With our straightforward flat fee pricing model and mobile headshot studio, you can expect stress-free, transparent, and professional experience providing exceptional headshots that leave a lasting impression.
Mini - $150
15-minute session with one outfit at one location and 1 final image.
Basic - $275
20-minute session with one outfit at one location and 3 final images.
Classic - $350
45-minute session with up to 3 outfits at one location and 6 final images.
Professional - $525
1-hour and 30-minute session with multiple outfits at one location and 10  final images.
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